Don't Call These People For Help With Bail After Being Arrested

When you're arrested, one of your top priorities will be to get released. This won't happen until you're able to pay your bond, which means that you'll need to get in touch with someone who can visit a bail bonds service to secure the bond for your release. Although you might be tempted to ask help from the first person you call who picks up his or her phone, it's important to think not only about whether this person will want to help you, but also whether he or she is someone with whom a bail bonds agency will want to work. Bail bonds agencies reserve the right to avoid dealing with certain individuals because of a wide range of concerns. Here are some people that you shouldn't call for help with bail.

Someone You Haven't Known For Long

When an individual shows up at a bail bonds agency to put down the money for bail, the agency's rep will want to know about the relationship between that person and the person behind bars. If the two people haven't known each other for long, the agency reserves the right to avoid working with the person. This is because the bail bonds rep will feel nervous that the two people don't have a strong enough relationship, and this could lead the arrestee to jump bond. For this reason, it's not a good idea to call your girlfriend of one month and ask for her help in this situation.

Someone With A Poor Credit History

Although you won't know the in-detail credit history of the people around you, you'll likely have a good idea of who might have good credit and who might have poor credit. Some bail bonds agencies are leery about working with those with poor credit. If you have a friend who is constantly complaining about being in debt, has declared bankruptcy in the past, or talks about collection agencies calling him or her, this isn't someone you should call with the hope of securing your bond.

A Distant Family Member

It's a bit hurtful to contact a distant family member when you need help with bail. On one hand, this person may wish to help you because you're family. On the other hand, the person can feel used if you haven't spoken to him or her in a long time. It's ideal to avoid putting a family member through the dilemma of deciding whether or not to help you with your legal challenges.

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