3 Important Aspects To Consider When Renting An ATM For An Event

If you're hosting an event where people will be spending cash, it's extremely helpful to rent out an ATM. Then, your guests can get cash in a hassle-free manner, any time they need it. Renting one of these machines doesn't have to be hard, either, if you remember these important aspects. 


In business, you've probably heard the saying that location is everything. This is also true regarding your ATM rental. It needs to be set up in the right area so that people know exactly where to go when they need cash fast.

Ideally, it needs to be set up in a location where there's a lot of traffic. It should also be out of the way to prevent the flow of traffic from being interrupted. A corner near the entrance or an isolated room will suffice. Just make sure the ATM doesn't get in the way of other attractions and vendors at your event.


Since there probably will be a lot of money in your rental ATM, it's important that you take the necessary security precautions. Otherwise, someone could damage your ATM and possibly take off with thousands of dollars. There are many security measures you can take. 

You could hire security personnel to stand watch while your event is going on. Anyone threatening or mischievous will be escorted away from the ATM in a peaceful manner. You could also set up the ATM near security cameras in the building that you're hosting the event in. So if something does happen, this activity will be caught on video and the footage can be handed over to the proper authorities.


So that people know there's an ATM on the premises, you need to advertise your ATM appropriately. You can let guests know right away that an ATM will be on location by including these details in their invitation. So that any unnecessary confusion is avoided, make sure you describe where the ATM will be. Providing a map may prove to be helpful. 

You should also consider setting up an LED sign that directs people to the ATM. The sign's vibrant lights will be easy to distinguish, no matter how dark your event gets inside. 

ATM rentals are extremely important for events that involve transactions, whether it's to buy jewelry or merchandise. Make sure this rental process goes smoothly by making the right preparations, ever before the ATM is delivered and set up. To learn more, contact a company like Maritech ATM Solutions